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VTO/VP of GENESIS-POS,GWAREPOS a Grocery Tech Company
What can I say. People in the Village know the Nelson's because we get the job done. We have raised money for Nicholson Playground, Run the Fest for years, been a Trustee to the Library District, started the first Website for the Village and been here to support our friends it seems like forever.
Been here for 20+ years in the Village 1999 Fest Chair with Wife (First year surplus of funds for Fest) 1999 Started the Brochure, Developed Logo, Started Shuttle Bus Services 1998-2000 Trustee Oswego Library Dist. (Fin & Tech) 1998-1999 Raised 70,000+ for Nicholson Project Playground Developed First Website for Village was used for 4+ Years - Back in the day when websites were hand coded! Started Fire Works for the Christmas Tree Program Developed for Village First Database System used to look up details for the Village Adm. Okay now you ask why nothing of late. Well two reasons did lots for Village and time for others to help (how about you), and grew my business from startup to 3rd largest in our industry. I can say whew that was lots of work now and maybe back soon into the mix. Logic of life is: Dim A Do While (Succeed = False) A = Work Hard & Live Life A = A + More A Loop   Contact Me @ nelsongr @ AOL.COM
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