Erin Chan Ding
Erin is a freelance journalist and photographer based in suburban Chicago who writes for magazines, web sites and now, for Patch.com. In another, still-new job, she is also a mama to a 1-year-old little guy who's getting bigger, rowdier and more fun by the moment.
For the past five and a half years, Erin was a full-time features staff writer with the Detroit Free Press, Michigan's largest newspaper. She was a general assignment writer, meaning she wrote about pretty much everything, including the families of deployed soldiers, the presidential inauguration, drag racers, artists, ethnic tension, immigrants, celebrities and even Harry Potter. She's written for West Suburban Living magazine and  The New York Times, and in college and high school, she had internships at the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald. She graduated with a double major in journalism and history from Northwestern University in 2003. Part of of her experience at Northwestern included studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain, and researching and writing a thesis in Mexico about Chinese-Mexican empowerment in Mexicali, Mexico, during the Mexican Revolution.
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