GI Janes: Read Lysistrada, Not Woman's War Manual

Lysistrada, Lampito, Margaret Sanger

The big military news this week is that the Pentagon has green lighted full combat participation in our senseless, murderous wars of choice for the second sex to rampage around the Middle East with their fellow male canon fodder. Though my wife and I raised our two daughters to be liberated and independent, we also taught them enough common sense that they'd never support, much less go near these monstrous wars promoted by cowards and chicken hawks for power and treasure. The rationale for this move was to give women the full benefits of combat experience so they can literally kill their way up the military chain of command to leadership positions on an equal footing with their male counterparts.
This may be spun as progress for women, the military and America, but its simply another step backward for Uncle Sam as he inches closer, sight unseen, to the abyss of the collapsing American empire, dying from the rot of endless military adventurism while all vestiges of a sane, thriving society; health, education, sustained job growth, alternative energy, world class infrastructure and transportation wither at the altar of endless war. 
Every military lady and military wannabe gal should pick up a copy of Aristophanes' 411 BC play Lysistrada and contemplate its message. In it, Lysistrada, persuades the women of Greece to deny sexual privileges to their warrior menfolk to force an end to their interminable Peloponnesian War (431 BC - 404 BC). The Athenian Lysistrada aided by her Sparta colleague Lampito, take over the Acropolis which holds the state treasury used to finance the war. Failing in their efforts to end the sex strike and re-capture the Acropolis, the men initiate a different version of piece talks in which  the women of Athens and Sparta emerge triumphant.
Instead of the women of America talking similar action of selfless denial to achieve peace, they demand equality in adding to the senseless destruction of Afghanistan and quite possibly our newest "bête noir" Iran. They've completely fallen for the monstrous lie that they are defending our freedom and liberty, parroting the propaganda that every warrior nation has used throughout history to con their young men to march into Hell. In the 1960's the best of American womanhood chanted "Make Love, Not War" and "Give Peace a Chance". If anyone thinks today's "Let We Women Slaughter Too", thinks that is progress, they're only hastening our demise. They should instead paraphrase early 20th century birth control champion Margaret Sanger and tell the mostly male members of the war party: "Want war...go sleep on the roof".

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