U2 Eucharist to Raise Funds for Glen Ellyn Food Pantry

A special worship service will be held Sunday at the First United Methodist Church.

Music with a mission will be on tap Sunday at a special religious service that will incorporate the music of the band U2 with worship. The outcome will benefit local and global food programs. 

The U2 Eucharist will be held at the First United Methodist Church. The hunger relief concert will include songs from the band throughout the religious service. Everyone is invited to attend the special service and worship.

All donations collected during the service will go toward the fight against hunger, said Rev. Kristen Larsen. Locally, the funds will go to the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. Funds will also be donated to the World Food Program.

The church has held free concerts in the past, but this is the first time it has held the U2 Eucharist, which Bono and the band believe in. The band and its publishing house approved the use of the music without payment, provided the daily offering is used to advance good in the world, Larsen said. 

“We are going to bring in a band. We are going to stand up and sing and dance if they want,” Larsen said. “We will sing all of these U2 songs that we know, in this context, they replace the hymns. U2 music is very spiritual and speaks in a language, the vernacular of the day.” 

Some of the songs to be sung during the service include: “Beautiful Day,” “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “With or Without You,” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” 

“It is a service of worship. We will have a testimony from someone from the food pantry and what it is doing and how it is making a difference. We will have prayers and scripture and holy communion,” Larsen said.

Everyone is welcome to attend the worship service regardless of faith, she said.

The U2 Eucharist will be held at 9 a.m. Sunday at the First United Methodist Church, 424 Forest Ave. For more information visit the website.

Dr Silicon September 19, 2012 at 04:02 PM
I know this will get me Mr Sensitive award, but the homeless are causing problems for everyone else. They are like squirrels if you feed them more will come.
Barry Gram September 19, 2012 at 07:06 PM
"METHODISTS AND BONO, THE CONFUSED HUMANITARIAN, HAVE THEIR HIDDEN AGENDAS TO PROMOTE" The First Methodist Church's noble giving to the local food pantry is also used as a vehicle to promote their Flying-Jewish-Carpenter-Who-Never-Existed-Made-Up-Religion. Their true desire, with their U2-themed concert, is to indoctrinate others, and especially the young, into the made up religion of Christianity. They could give quite more food if they weren't spending so much time and money honoring none-existent gods of made up religions. Bono, whose real name is Paul Hewson, a born-again Christian who has promoted his made up religion in Africa under the title of "Christian Spirituality" has become an enabler to the violence spreading over central Africa. The country of Sudan was just partition because of one thing and only one thing--made up religion. The people of Norther Sudan are mostly members of the made up religion of Islam; they have been fighting and killing for decades the people of Southern Sudan who are mostly members of the made up religion of Christianity. Likewise, the people of Southern Sudan have maimed and killed countless people from Northern Sudan. All of this hate and killing is totally unnecessary, but poor Bono, the confused, multi-millionaire, college flunk-out can't see he is a major part of the problem. Now the religious strife has spread to Nigeria and Somalia. Bono remains clueless. Sincerely, Barry Gram, a Realist, Carol Stream, Illinoin
one hot mamma September 19, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Not true of ALL homeless, Dr. Silicon - but definitely true of some. Like the ones "who can't balance a checkbook." I just had an encounter with one yesterday who had severe alziemers (asked me the time 3x) who told me he was hungry so I bought him a sandwich and he was so grateful. Someone needs to take care of those who can't take care of themselves - the gov't relies on NPOs to do it.


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