Total Student Enrollment Tops 28,000 at COD

The school is the largest community college in Illinois. Full-time enrollments are up 3.8 percent over the same time last year.

Enrollment is up overall at the College of DuPage, with the number of full-time equivalent students up 3.8 percent compared with the same time last year.

The spring 10th day headcount of students, taken on day 10 of classes, showed that there were 15,348 students enrolled full time. In addition, total headcount was up 1.6 percent.

The total headcount of students, including those not seeking credit, is 28,783, according to the College of DuPage. The number of students seeking credit is listed at 27,813, up 2.3 percent, according to the college.

“We are thrilled with these numbers, which exceeded our expectations and directly reflect what we have known all along – College of DuPage is the best higher education value around,” College of DuPage President Dr. Robert L. Breuder said in a news release. “We are particularly pleased with the overall headcount increases, as these numbers reflect growth across the board in all of our traditional and non-traditional, credit and non-credit programs. This is an incredible achievement.”

With its student population at more than 26,000, College of DuPage is the largest community college in Illinois, and third largest among the state's public colleges and universities, according to the college.

Since 2009, the college has developed and implemented 49 new certificate and degree programs and has implemented 12 new “3+1” programs with partnering institutions of higher learning that enable students to earn BA and BS degrees on the college’s campus at a significantly reduced cost.

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