Study: District 41 Ranks in Top 6 Percent in State for Overall Academic Performance

Credit: District 41
Credit: District 41
The following information was published in recent weeks in the District 41 board highlights e-newsletter: 

The 2012-2013 Benchmarking Study, conducted for the district by Advanced Analytics LLC, puts the district's overall academic performance in the top 6% of the state. It compares the district to the entire state, and specifically to 37 other districts that were specifically selected for comparison. 

These include top districts in the state, some that are similar in makeup to District 41, and the five Glenbard Associated elementary districts. The study shows that D41 students' performance is consistently strong, and that students are educated for less than what many districts spend providing value for the tax dollar. 

Advantage Analytics has conducted benchmarking studies for many area districts and its rankings differ from those put forth by the state. Advantage Analytics starts with the raw ISAT scores of all districts in the state and calculates index scores so that meaningful comparisons can be made among districts and among grade levels. 

This way, the study avoids the confusion that results from state rankings based on "cut scores" that vary from subject to subject, grade to grade and year to year.

Academically, D41 is in the top 6% of the state, ranking 39 out of more than 700 districts. (In the 2011 Benchmarking Study, it also achieved in the top 6%, ranking 42). These results range from Grade 4 science in the top 14% to Grade 5 math in the top 3%. District 41 is below the benchmark average for per pupil revenue and per pupil expenditure. 

The full study can be found here.

Source: District 41 board highlights e-newsletter


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