Landscape Project Would Buffer Lights, Sounds from Memorial Field

Next week, the District 87 Board of Education will consider a landscape project.

A project is in the works that would soften the impact of lights and sounds coming from Glenbard West’s Memorial Field. And, taxpayers won’t be paying a dime toward implementation. 

Next week, the Glenbard District 87 Board of Education will consider a landscape project, which was the idea of community members Ron and Mary Ann Aubrey. The project would use plantings and trees to create a buffer zone in the west and southwest portions of Memorial Field. 

Local landscape designer Tina Koral provided goals and plans for the project, which includes a variety of ground cover plantings, along with trees to provide screening, according to District 87. 

The goals of the project are:

  • Be true to the original intentions of the Glen Ellyn Women’s Club, which were to honor local service members and conservation;
  • Soften affects of the lights for neighbors on the south and southwest;
  • Include low-maintenance plantings;
  • Provide spring and fall colors;
  • Remove invasive species

Among the plants specified for the project are: grow-low sumac, viburnum, serviceberry and Austrian pine. The south side of the project will incorporate a natural area, which will have invasive species removed and other trees planted, such as maple or elm, walnut, cherry or honey locust trees.

The cost of the project is estimated at $20,000 to $25,000, according to District 87. 

Funding for the project would be split between the Aubrey’s foundation, the Make a Memory Foundation, and the other 50 percent would be funded by dollars that were previously raised by the capital campaign committee for the improvement of Memorial Field, said Peg Mannion, the district’s community relations coordinator.

“We are very grateful for such a thoughtful donation to the school district and community,” Mannion said. “The project respects the history of the field and enhances the area.”

Should the project meet board approval, it is expected it would be completed this fall, she said.

The board of education will consider the project at its Sept. 24 meeting.


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Samantha Liss September 26, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Did the district set up the community advisory panel to be the conduit between the community and the district regarding the light issues, yet? I'm just curious after covering this topic heavily last year and the beginning of this year. Thanks, Mary, hope you're enjoying Glen Ellyn!


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