Glenbard Students Honored for Musicianship

A number of Glenbard District 87 students were chosen for the Illinois Music Educators Association All-District Festival.

From Glenbard Township High School District 87

Dozens of Glenbard Township High School District 87 students were selected to participate in the 2012 Illinois Music Educators Association All-District Festival on Saturday, Nov. 17. The students were selected based on a rigorous audition procedure of etudes, musical excerpts, scales, triads, and sight-reading.

Congratulations to the following students:

Glenbard East students in band: Dante Gonzalez, Hannah Guo, Karl Krems, Lisa Laurenzana, Emily Schaub, and Zoë McNett; in orchestra:  Savannah Ireland and  Adam Laird; and in choir: Alaia Alkhawaja, Antonio Camacho, Claire Castelli, Krissy Franklin, Kendall Kott, M'Jean Mason, Rachel Tumlos, Jamie Wareham and Luke Young.

Glenbard North students in orchestra: Maja Dinger and Sarah Zhu, and in choir:  Bethany Crosby, Kaitlin Jennings and Christine Urban.

Glenbard South students in band:  Jennifer Erl, Danielle Gaimari, Jacqueline Gonzalez and Rachel Rettger; in orchestra:  Abigail Carter and Michelle Volk; and in choir:  Andrew Bean.

Glenbard West students in band: Kee Gales, Maria Lee, Marina Schroeder and Sarah Delany; in choir: Molly Hernandez, Emma Hohulin, Zach Palmisano, Caitlin Paul, Jonah Sirvatka and Randy Westergaard; in orchestra: Paul Christian, bassist Hannah Novak, Anne Williams, Emily Hess and Elizabeth Tobin.


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