District 87 Students Score Above Illinois Average on ACT

The class of 2012 scored ahead of the state average when taking the ACT college entrance exam.

Students at are better prepared for college and scoring ahead of their peers in Illinois on the ACT college entrance exam, according to a report from the testing organization.

While Glenbard students scored above the state average and are prepared for college, nationwide more than 28 percent of graduating seniors who took the college readiness exam did not meet any of the four benchmarks, which are English, reading, mathematics and science, according to the Iowa-based ACT.

The average composite score among Glenbard’s class of 2012 was 22.2, exceeding the state average of 20.9, according to Glenbard District 87. A perfect composite score is 36.

Glenbard’s class of 2012 exceeded the state scores by the following:

  • English composition: 9 percentage points
  • College algebra: 14 percentage points
  • College social science: 8 percentage points
  • College biology: 9 percentage point

“Our faculty and staff provide a learning environment of high expectations with rigorous standards, and our students are experiencing success,” said Superintendent David Larson. “I am impressed with our staff's work in increasing the level of rigor throughout our courses.”

A record number of students took the ACT in 2012, according to a news release from the ACT. More than 1.66 million 2012 graduates or 52 percent of the entire U.S. graduating class-took the test.

Nationwide, 60 percent of ACT test takers met only two of the four benchmarks, according to the ACT. Only 25 percent of 2012 graduates who were tested met all four ACT benchmarks, which was the same as last year.

"Far too many high school graduates are still falling short academically," said ACT Chief Executive Officer Jon Whitmore in a news release. "We need to do more to ensure that our young people improve. The advanced global economy requires American students to perform at their highest level to compete in the future job market and maintain the long-term economic security of the U.S." 

Students at Glenbard District 87 are exposed to a curriculum of rigorous courses, according to the school district, adding that in 2011-12, a record number of students at the district enrolled in Advanced Placement courses.

According to District 87, it meets all of ACT’s recommendations regarding an action plan for college readiness for all students, including:

•     Creating a common focus

•     Establishing high expectations for all

•     Requiring a rigorous curriculum

•     Providing student counseling

•     Measuring and evaluating progress


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