Abe Lincoln Teacher Brian Pindar Named District 41 Educator of the Year

Brian Pindar, a fifth-grade history teacher at Abraham Lincoln School in Glen Ellyn was named the district's educator of the year.

Brian Pindar, a fifth-grade history teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School has been selected as the Glen Ellyn School District District 41 Educator of the Year, the district announced in a news release Thursday.

Pindar's peers in the district nominated him for the honor with some of the following rave reviews:

"Because of his ideas and vision, students are exposed to life learning skills of understanding and compassion for the aged. It is quite a sight to see, and is not taught in any book."

"Mr. Pindar has been an integral member of our district and has earned our respect and admiration."

"He establishes personal relationships with staff, students and parents that last a lifetime."

"Students don't forget him; they are still talking about Mr. Pindar and what he meant to them when they get to Hadley."

"Brian is an energizer in the classroom and the community and a mentor to other teachers."

"Brian is selfless with staff and with kids."

"Brian always puts everyone else first, and recognizes the strengths in everyone."

Pindar said in a statement he's honored to be selected.

"There are so many wonderful teachers in the district... The greatest honor of all is when your students come back to see you... That really verifies that (what) we are doing is good for kids."

District 41 Superintendent Dr. Ann Riebock said in a statement, "We are all very proud of Brian... And I am grateful to have him on our staff. We in District 41 are all delighted to have this chance to share our pride in him with the community."

Patch asked followers on its Facebook page about Pindar. Here's what we heard:

  • Marissa Wenk said, "He was the most amazing teacher I have ever had. I still have my notebook with his quotes!"
  • Kim Peters Lutz said, "EVERYONE loves Mr. Pindar! Both of my boys were lucky enough to have been taught by him at one point. Well deserved!"
  • Michon Varnau Andreasik said, "He was my son's 5th grade teacher (not just History) and by far his favorite teacher. My son is now a Freshman at West but Brian still takes the time to ask about him (I still work in the lunchroom at Lincoln) and even came to one of his football games this past fall, in the pouring rain. My son will be telling his kids someday about his awesome 5th grade teacher!"
  • Debbie Gruber Krusen said, "Jon and Ben will always say he was their favorite teacher! He's the best!"
  • Donna Carrino Kelly said, "Brian Pindar is a teacher of LIFE. His lessons connect kids to the world in ways they never forget. Two of my children were blessed to have him as their 5th grade teachers. My oldest is now in college and still cites him as one of the most inspirational people in his life. He is truly one in a million and our family could not be more proud of him!"
  • Laura Rankin Bak said, "He is a fifth grade teacher, not just history! He has tutored my daughter in math the past two summers and will again this summer! He is awesome. He has very high expectations of all his students and they rise to those expectations!"
  • Amy Mueller Hasso said, "Brian was not my son's classroom teacher but did teach him about good sportsmanship, fairness, fun and respect."
  • Nancy Redheffer said, "Brian was the favorite teacher of both my kids. He cared about each and every child. He came to some baseball games also. Amazing man. And... you cannot help but be inspired just walking into his classroom with all those great posters."
  • Laura Berens said, "Brian is an exemplary teacher. He finds a way into the hearts and minds of the children he teaches. He helps them learn to think and feel and reason about the world around them. A very well deserved award!"
  • Amy Rogers Schilling said, "Neither of my children were lucky enough to have Mr Pindar as their "main" teacher, but they both admire and respect him because of how he treated them during any interaction. When I was a Sunday School teacher, I had many of Brian's students in my class; I was amazed by how many times his name came up in our class! We would be discussing a Bible verse, or a moral dilemma and, inevitably, one of the children would say, "That reminds me of something Mr Pindar says...". He truly seeks to teach children to be good members of society. He takes his profession seriously: he is shaping our future."
  • Andrea Barbera said, "As a Student Teacher at Lincoln he stood out due to his care and concern for those who struggled. He has never stopped caring, and never will."
  • Jenifer Estabrook Bystry said, "Robby loved Mr. Pindar. When I told him about the award, he couldn't believe he hadn't already won it as well as a national award for being such a great teacher."
  • Suzanne Fagan said, "This is a well deserved award for Brian. Both of my daughters went to Lincoln. He was a fantastic teacher and mentor. I worked at District 41 and had opportunities to work along with Brian. He had such an encouraging way of teaching. I can say that he was and still is one of my daughter's favorite teachers she has had."

Pindar will be honored at the Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Breakfast on March 16.

Dave Peterson May 01, 2013 at 09:37 PM
Well deserved. When he was first year teacher Mr. Pindar changed my son's life. My son became a teacher because of Mr. Pindar. Dave Peterson


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