Your Vote 2012: Glen Ellyn Voters Cast Ballots, Fulfill Civic Duty

While the reasons for getting out to vote varied among voters, a large number of Glen Ellyn residents were out at the polls Tuesday afternoon.

Glen Ellyn resident George Tovarek says voting in an election is the most important civic duty a person has and it is their obligation to exercise that right.

Tovarek was one of more than 700 local residents who had voted by early Tuesday afternoon at Glen Crest Middle School.

“Men have fought and died so people can vote,” Tovarek said. “I think it’s a crime not to vote.”

One measure he was particularly interested in was Glen Ellyn’s referenda question asking voters whether they want the village to pursue electric aggregation. Tovarek thought it was a good idea for the village to pursue and hopefully it would lower costs as it has for other communities, he said.

Gary W. Tomlinson, the technical election judge at Glen Crest, said 2,200 people are registered to vote at that polling location, but it is not known how many voted early.

The first three hours of the day were the busiest, Tomlinson said, adding he expected it to get busy again when people get off of work.

Since her son wasn’t in school, Glen Ellyn resident Ray Murray brought him along to cast her ballot. She said it was good experience for him to have. 

“I needed to vote for the presidential election,” she said, adding that after voting she felt, “great, but a little anxious.”

At Parkview Community Church on St. Charles Road, the polling place appeared to be busy with a large number of voters coming and going Tuesday afternoon.

Larondia Powell makes sure to vote in every election, the Glendale Heights resident said. 

“I base my voting on specific criteria—peoples’ actual priorities,” she said. “I do my research. I go back and forth and don’t vote for just one party.”

Lou Micelli, a Glen Ellyn resident, also votes in every election.

“I wanted to give my opinion,” Micelli said. 

Quincy Dutchin, of Lombard, was another of the many voters casting a ballot at the church. He said he was there to vote in the presidential election and wasn’t very familiar with the other races.

“I’m feeling good about not having to see the negative ads on TV—for either party—or to get all the mail,” Dutchin said.

Not sure where to vote? Find your polling place with this locator. 

Check back with Glen Ellyn Patch after 7 p.m. for results in Congressional, state and local elections. 

Participate in our live blog at 7 p.m. tonight.


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