Village Says No to Ordinance Monitoring Secondhand Item Sales

The Village of Glen Ellyn's police department sought to require some businesses to record and hold second hand items.

Businesses that buy and sell secondhand goods in Glen Ellyn will not have to participate in a program that would have required them to hold items for a 7-day waiting period. 

The Village of Glen Ellyn’s Board rejected a proposed ordinance that would have required businesses that sell secondhand items to photograph, record them in an online database and wait the seven days so police could determine if they were stolen, according to a story in the Daily Herald.

The ordinance came before the board at its regular business meeting Jan. 28 and was unanimously rejected, according to the story.

Business owners said the ordinance would have disrupted business. The Herald story said the ordinance would have also required businesses to pay a $250 license fee.

The Village of Glen Ellyn Board will meet again on Feb. 11

Dr Silicon January 31, 2013 at 04:17 PM
That's just plain nuts, if it comes back to the board we need to do everything possible to not re-elect anyone that votes for this. What's next garage sales?


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