Village: Repeated Weather Alert Messages Sent in Error to Landline Phones

Village of Glen Ellyn officials apologize to residents who received repeated automated messages during the late evening hours.

Submitted by the village of Glen Ellyn. 

The Village sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience and disruption caused to residents who received repeated automated weather alert messages during the late evening hours that were sent to their home (landline) phone from the Village of Glen Ellyn. 

The Village did not proactively initiate any weather-related warnings via our emergency communication system (Glen Ellyn Alerting). 

Some of these phone messages were automatically generated by the Glen Ellyn Alerting system, because some residents opted in to also receive "Weather Alerts" when they initially signed up for the Glen Ellyn Alerting system. 

However, there are some indications that the system may have experienced some unexpected technical issues by sending out weather alert messages to residents who had not previously subscribed to the notification system.

As a result of the resident feedback and the fact that residents are able to get weather-related information via myriad of sources today, the Village has deactivated the auto generated weather alerts feature on the Glen Ellyn Alerting system. 

Residents are still highly encouraged to remain subscribed to the Glen Ellyn emergency alerting system, so that the Village can proactively communicate with them (i.e. via cell, work, text message, etc.) in a bonafide emergency.


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