Village President Mark Pfefferman Will Not Seek Re-Election in 2013

Glen Ellyn Village President Mark Pfefferman thanked the community for its support, but said he would not seek another four-year term.

Glen Ellyn Village President Mark Pfefferman announced Wednesday morning that he would not seek re-election when his term ends in 2013.

In an e-mail Pfefferman said it was a tradition to only serve one term as an elected official on the Village Board and he was honoring that tradition.

Pfefferman was elected in 2009. In his role as village president, he serves as the presiding officer at Village Board meetings, serves as Glen Ellyn's liquor commissionioner and, with the advice and consent of the village trustees, appoints the village manager, village attorney, village prosecutor, and all members of citizen boards and commissions except the Village board of trustees, according to the .

Pfefferman submitted this letter to Glen Ellyn Patch, which we are running in its entirety:

Dear Friends of Glen Ellyn, 

I hope this finds you well!

Almost four years ago I wrote to you asking for support for our Village and my effort to lead it as Village President. Your response was overwhelming. The results are three-plus years of progress and putting Glen Ellyn first in the village's decisions. What an honor you bestowed on me! I have loved every minute and have tried tirelessly to meet your expectations. Thank you. 

Coupled with an intelligent, energetic and passionate Village Board, a fine Village Management Team and a dedicated group of Commissioners, Glen Ellyn has come a long way in a short time. The public has been a equal partner. We have made significant strides in:

  • Planning for our future from financial, capital and personnel perspectives
  • Communication, transparency. participation and visibility
  • Risk management (legal and safety)
  • Economic Development
  • Protecting our history and environment
  • Acting like winners and putting the good of Glen Ellyn at the forefront of decisions
  • Problem solving - "cleaning our closets" and addressing every issue in a forthright and objective manner

Many positive "firsts" in the village's history occurred in the last three years thanks to all of you. Yet the bullets above are far from boastful... We have also had some unprecedented challenges. While a solid foundation for success is being set, the surface has just been scratched. There is a long, difficult and exciting way to go.

The Village now has a Mission, Vision and a set of Goals: That Village government should reflect the excellence of the community and Glen Ellyn will strive to reach its full potential. The goals are a way to get us there.

Many of you have asked me to seek a second term and have pledged support. I am humbled and cannot thank you enough. Mayoral elections take time. After a lot of soul-searching, I realized I would be taking my attention off of completion of this year's goals if I were to seek re-election. I would not be putting Glen Ellyn first for the next several months. We Glen Ellynites cannot afford that at this time in our history. As a public servant and not a politician, I simply could not do that to the village.

I wanted you to be the first to know. My family and I are forever grateful for this opportunity - and we are not going anywhere. There are many of ways to help Glen Ellyn. We will remain active in the community. 

More importantly, there will be no lame duck session of this Village Board . There is much to accomplish and we'll be working harder than ever. As always, your comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome and appreciated. Together, we can keep improving the village. Please continue to help!

Thank you again. Our heads are held high as we look toward a new administration next spring and progress on our mission until then.

The best Glen Ellyn is yet to come.

With sincere optimism, gratitude and respect,



Check back with Glen Ellyn Patch for more coverage on this developing story.


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