Village President Issues Statement on Memorial Lights

The following is a letter from Mark Pfefferman to the residents of Glen Ellyn.

Happy New Year!  Please accept sincere wishes for a healthy 2012 from the Village Board and Employees of Glen Ellyn.

Between now and the end of the month, the Village Board is planning to hear and decide on School District 87's variation requests for Memorial Park, which include proposed lights at the field.

The Plan Commission held 11 public meetings over many months regarding these requests.  The Village Board will hold at least two more.

Intelligent, caring and passionate citizens have divergent opinions on this matter.  I believe this intelligence, caring and passion is in large part what makes Glen Ellyn such an exceptional place to live, work and visit. Some are supportive and some oppose the variation requests. Many believe the process is moving too fast, while at least an equal number believe village government has taken far too long with the process. Thank you to all who have participated in or opined on these variation requests. Every word has been heard or read with interest. 

Through information-gathering and distribution, patience and hard work, the Village's process to date has strived to be objective, open, inclusive and consistent with statutory obligations based in fact. It will continue in this manner. Your feedback is always welcome.

This matter is very important, yet it must be kept in perspective when compared to those in physical or monetary need in our community.  What unifies us is stronger than that which divides - that is our incredible village.

For a complete meeting schedule regarding District 87's variation requests and an FAQ, please visit this webpage


Thank you.



Mark Pfefferman

Village President


Jim Ozog January 19, 2012 at 03:20 PM
With all due respect to President Pfefferman, if "feedback is always welcome", let the Village vote on the lights variance request through the advisory referendum on the March ballot before the final Trustee decision. Over 700 taxpayers and voters petitioned to be heard on the issue through an advisory vote. It is only fair that the voters' recommendations be part of the decison process. A delay of 6 weeks will not result in prejudice to anyone. It took Oak Park and Elmhurst several years before final resolution on stadium lights. Glen Ellyn is well ahead of that pace. There are no "statutory obligations based in fact" which require a Trustee decision before the advisory vote. Neither the Village attorney nor District 87 has cited to such regulation or statute, because none exist. In closing, as one of the attorneys for OFOT and as a village resident and taxpayer, I am very grateful for the hard work and attention of the members of the Plan Commission during the variance hearings. The PC has submitted its recommendations and findings to the Trustees for consideration before the final vote. It is only fair that the voters be permitted to make similar recommendations through the advisory referendum before the Trustee vote is taken on this important issue. With respect and appreciation, Jim Ozog
Carol Peterson Fontana January 20, 2012 at 04:19 AM
We voted the board and President into their positions to make decisions and to lead. I believe that they should be allowed to do the job that were elected to.
Kristen Schrader January 20, 2012 at 08:30 PM
In accordance with the procedure set out in state statute and the Zoning Code, this case is being handled consistent with how the Village has processed other zoning applications. Variations request cannot be decided by referendum in the State of Illinois. Village of Glen Ellyn www.glenellyn.org
Jill Paulus January 23, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Since this case went before the Village Board and not the Zoning Board, wasn't an exception in the usual procedure already made? I agree with Jimm Ozog that this case is not just an individual zoning property case, with one neighbor affecting another. It is a case that affects the character of Glen Ellyn, and time should be taken, and a large consensus reached. The NO Committee has said if they lose popular vote, so be it. Seems logical.


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