Village Approves Series of Pay Increases for Glen Ellyn Police

The first of four pay increases is retroactive to Nov. 1, 2012.

Glen Ellyn Police will receive a series of pay increases over the next four years.

The Village of Glen Ellyn and the police union came to a collective bargaining agreement, which was approved by the village board last week.

The 2.5 percent pay increases for the 29 members of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 202 will be retroactive to November 2012.

Additionally, two pay increases of 2.5 and one of 2.75 percent respectively will take effect on Nov. 1, 2013, Nov.1 2014 and Nov. 1 2015, according to Village documents.

The contract also provides a 1-percent step increase for officers who were at the top step for at least a year, according to Village documents. Those in the newly established “top 9” will receive an additional 1 percent increase effective Nov. 1, 2013.

The first contract with the union was approved in 1989 and since then there have been six successor contracts. The last contract expired on Oct. 31, 2012.

The rates agreed upon were considered to be competitive with the market and neighboring communities, according to village documents.

Salaries for Glen Ellyn officers will not be at or slightly above the middle for DuPage County municipalities, Police Chief Philip Norton told the Daily Herald

Contract terms also allow for:

  • Detectives, retroactively to Nov. 1, 2012, to receive a $500 stipend every six months. That amount increases to $750 in Nov. 2013.
  • After 14 years of service, the educational pay supplement adds a step of $3,500, effective as of Nov. 2012.
  • Eliminates the need for one “assurance day” (a demand vacation day) for every member of the bargaining unit.
  • The village also agrees to notify union members of overtime availability via text message. 

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Dr Silicon February 05, 2013 at 02:56 PM
Sounds very reasonable, unlike the Park District that handed out a lot of ~9% raises in these tough times!


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