Town Chooses Candidates for April 2013 Election

The candidates chosen during the Town Meeting will appear on the ballot in April 2013.

The voting began at 8 a.m. Saturday and residents were pouring into the Village of Glen Ellyn’s Civic Center to cast ballots to choose among candidates vying for a place on the April 2013 ballot.

The Civic Betterment Party holds a caucus-style process to put forward candidates it feels are qualified for positions in village government and on the library board. The candidates who received the most votes will appear on the April 2013 ballot.

The slate of 12 candidates has now been whittled down to the following candidates:

Village President: Alex Demos  

Village Clerk: Catherine Galvin

Village Trustee (three):

  • Timothy Elliot
  • Tim O’Shea
  • Dean Clark

Library Trustee (three):

  • Gina Meyers
  • Randolph “Ran” Sailer
  • Kelli Christiansen

After actively seeking out candidates interested in filling the various local government positions, the party vetted a number of candidates and the names were placed on the ballot for the Town Meeting.

In early voting, 338 people cast ballots, the largest early voting number to date, said Lee Crumbaugh, the Civic Betterment Party's president.  Residents were able to vote on Saturday, as well as meet the candidates for office.

Turnout was expected to be good and normally is in years when there is a presidential election, Crumbaugh said. 

The candidates chosen in the most recent Town Meeting will appear on the ballot in April 2013 affiliated as the Glen Ellyn Nominating Party, Crumbaugh said.

The Civic Betterment Party dates to 1931 but underwent reforms in 1970 to help build more community involvement, Crumbaugh said. The League of Women Voters and Jaycees worked with the party to build greater involvement.

“Very few people seek them (government positions) out,” Crumbaugh said.

The party and its nominating committee actively work to find residents who are engaged and involved in the community, seeking to find candidates for open positions, he said.

While the candidates will appear on the ballot come April 2013, any resident may file and submit paperwork to appear on the ballot. Candidates for office have until 5 p.m. Dec. 26 to file petitions or certificates of nomination.

The official results from the Town Meeting are as follows:

Village President

  • Alex Demos : 699
  • Mary Loch: 629

Village Clerk

  • Catherine Galvin: 1001

Village Trustee

  • Timothy Elliott: 911
  • Tim O'Shea: 638
  • Dean Clark: 601
  • Thomas Koprowski: 492
  • James Ozog: 463

Library Trustee

  • Gina Meyers: 919
  • Randolph "Ran" Sailer: 648
  • Kelli Christiansen: 691
  • Ameilia (Amie) Fiedor: 480

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