Hearings Continue Tonight on Memorial Lights Issue

Tonight's meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center.

Nearly two months later and the plan commission is still holding hearings on the proposal to install lights at Memorial Field.  

, commissioners opened it up to public comment. And, tonight residents will most likely get a chance to continue voicing their opinions.  

However, at the previous hearing many comments came from members affiliated with either Our Field Our Town, or from other Glen Ellyn commissions. 

The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. at the .


District 87 wants to install lights at  Memorial Field, but in order to do so district officials need approval from the village of Glen Ellyn’s board of trustees. Before the issue reaches the trustees, the plan commission will hear testimony from both sides, will weigh the options in accordance with the village code, and will then send a recommendation to trustees. The trustees will then vote on the requested variance. 

's request for variances to install the lights comes after the completion of phase one construction at Memorial Field, finished in the summer of 2010, which includes the installation of a synthetic turf. According to the district, the turf will allow for increased usage. Among the many enhancements, part of that $1.4 million project included installing an underground conduit for future lights. District 87 officials cite the need for a field that can operate longer due to the limited field space at the Glenbard West campus. The $300,000 project to install lights will be funded by donations, not taxpayers.


Samantha Liss October 20, 2011 at 06:33 PM
Plan Commission Chairman Julie Fullerton said individuals will be called up to speak in the order they signed up. If individuals have yet to sign up to voice their opinion they can still do so at tonight's meeting. Fullerton said she expects people on both sides of the issue to get up and talk but does not expect to finish the public comment section tonight. If time runs out, there will be another hearing, which will likely take place on Oct. 27.
dave October 20, 2011 at 07:09 PM
If I read this correctly part of the 1.4 million dollare project included "installing an underground conduit for future lights." Forget the cost, t would seem someone expected lights to be a given, or at least was preparing for that possibility. It would seem those who reviewed the project, building codes etc.. knew of the conduit. Now, wouldn't it have better ti have addressed lights back then, accepted or rejected; perhaps saved some money by not installing conduit.
Wrinks October 20, 2011 at 09:17 PM
It is most likely a strategic move to get the lights. If I lived in a house that got illuminated at night, I would not be pleased. Hopefully the neighbors will win out.
Ramona October 21, 2011 at 04:10 AM
Once again the OTOF dominated the majority of the night. They did not even have all the fact straight. They were stating that the lack of field space was due to three emerging sports, girls field hockey, boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse. If any one there bothered to check the facts, girls lacrosse is NOT a school sport. It is only a club sport, they rent their own fields, secure their own practice spaces and it is not paid for by the school or tax payers. I regret that I missed the speakers name, but he stated that these sports added 9 more teams. Not true, last year girls lacrosse only had two teams, that never, ever played at the school. I am thinking if they could not even get the facts straight to support the arguement against lights, why should I consider any of the other facts as true?
Kirk Burger October 21, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Ramona, Listening is a skill. It is D87 that is claiming they need lights so that lacrosse and the other teams would have space and time on Glenbard West fields. Had you listened further, you would have heard Don Pydo explain that with new advances in hybrid synthetic turf, those teams would have a greater return on investment if Duchon Field was upgraded. He also explained that by village ordinances, an applicant for variances must prove that his hardship is not self created. By rule, when a sport or sport club is accepted by the school district, it must prove that it has the facility and field space before they can be approved. Obviously this did not happen else district 97 would not be claiming hardship. I know these meetings are long and can be somewhat grueling, but in order to have an educated and informed opinion you have to listen to all the arguments in their intirety. You cannot just pick and choose. I'm afraid you are the one who cannot keep your facts straight.
Ramona October 21, 2011 at 08:15 PM
Kirk, I have been to all but one meeting. I heard all the stuff that was presented and unlike you, I actually listened. They presented that 3 emerging sports is the cause for the field shortage. In reality, there are 2 new sports. Girls lax is not on school grounds, parents pay for that whole ride. You can not use that sport as part of the arguement. Also, they stated that with the 3 sports came 9 teams. Not true as girls lax last season only had 2 teams. So, I am saying that is arguement is based on bad facts to start with.
Don Pydo October 22, 2011 at 02:11 PM
Ramona and all others in favor of lights at Memorial Field: You are correct, I presented to the GE Plan Commission there are 3 Emerging Sports/10 Teams. I clearly acknowledged Girls Lacrosse has played at Hadley since 2008 (all information supplied to us from D87 in a FOIA request). The issue is the need for additional field time at Memorial Field, one the Girls Lacrosse team has heavily lobbied. Our Field, Our Town has always been a proponent for the good of Glen Ellyn. Our mission includes top educational programs, sports, extracurricular activities, safety, integrity to the character of GE, property values, et al. Lights at Memorial Field have a divisive impact upon our community. OFOT’s position is to bring forth solutions that benefit both the student athletes and the community. Last Thursday, I proposed various options to the GE Plan Commission. The most exciting is the installation of a Hybrid playing surface at Duchon Field. It combines natural grass & woven synthetic fibers in an organic filled base with thousands of installations world-wide (unlike Memorial Field- the fill is made up of approximately 10,000 shredded tires). This becomes a Win-Win for the community and GBW. We ask all members of the community to encourage D87 to thoroughly investigate all options before installing stadium lighting that will forever change the character of Glen Ellyn.
Ramona October 26, 2011 at 12:04 PM
I sat for the whole meeting last week and found your presentation very mis-leading. You did imply that girls lax was a regular sport at the school. Yes, you did say that they currently play at Hadley. Since the other two emerging sports are actual sports at the school they actually could play on the current fields. I refuse to believe that there are 10 teams now at the school. Even with girls lax, they only had two teams last season. I really don't believe that boys lax has 7 teams (as I know football does). I am quite sure that girls field hockey has only 3 teams. So, your facts are wrong and/or misleading.


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