Pothole Patrol: Village Asks Residents to Report Worst in Town

Water freezing and expanding forces out gravel and asphalt, creating potholes.

With the weather being hot and cold, wet and dry, the pavement pays the price. And, occasionally, drivers’ tires pay the price. 

The Village of Glen Ellyn is asking residents to report any pothole deeper than one inch.

Cold weather freezes moisture, causing it to expand, forcing gravel and asphalt out and creating potholes, the Village of Glen Ellyn said.

The village’s public works crews do fix potholes throughout the year, but the kind of asphalt used depends on the time of year, the village said. Crews will not repair potholes that are less than one-inch deep because the asphalt mix will not hold.

To report a pothole, call the Village of Glen Ellyn at 630-469-6756. The village said potholes will be filled as soon as crews are available.


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