Panfish Park is the Favored Option For New Police Station, So Far

It would cost about $17.5 million to build a police facility at the park.

Glen Ellyn Civic Center (File photo)
Glen Ellyn Civic Center (File photo)

Glen Ellyn Trustees are leaning toward possibly moving the Police Department to Panfish Park, which is owned by the village. This option was preferable to refurbishing the existing site on Duane Street or moving it to Spring Avenue Rec Center, which belongs to the Park District, according to Trib Local.

The Panfish Park option is estimated to cost about $17.5 million, according to documents provided by the village. The current police facility is a former school building. Upgrade and expansion of that building would be about $16.4 million, according to estimates provided to trustees.

Trustees also discussed moving the entire government center to Panfish Park, freeing up the site on Duane for new businesses to come into town.

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Mary January 23, 2014 at 07:27 AM
I have a difficult time with the loss of a beautiful walking, running trail that is nestled in a wonderful park being turned into a public facility. We have so many buildings and/or land (Spalding) that could be repurposed in our Village. Our Village needs to become cooperative, resourceful and use what we have. Realize that every dollar you spend comes from the same families. So the school districts, police/village, park district need to assess what is really needed in our Village and find ways to provide services while knowing the dollars are coming out of each households single budget. Think about what we need as a Village in our entirety, not as independent government entities.
Mary January 23, 2014 at 07:32 AM
Lastly, please find a way to get and keep industry/businesses in our existing downtown space before you dilute the market with more wasteful space for storefronts etc. We already have a pending construction project on the Giesche's Shoe store site that will need to be filled with businesses and space on Pennsylvania. I am really not sure how moving to Panfish solves anything except spending money, creating more waste of tax dollars, and creating more space for commerce that will compete with existing/pending open space in our downtown.
Constance Cosgrove January 23, 2014 at 08:56 AM
I very much agree with everything you have written Mary. Once land is used in this way it is gone. Using Pan Fish Park for this purpose would be a very short sighted decision.
EB January 24, 2014 at 05:05 PM
This is a terrible idea. We have exactly one park/playground south of Roosevelt on the west side of 53 and now GE wants to rip it up to put in a police station? For $17M??? There is absolutely no need to destroy our park for a new building. There is no need to build when renting or purchasing an existing structure would make more sense. Also, the police station should be on Roosevelt. There are homes across the street from Panfish, who wants to live next to the police station? There are empty buildings both in downtown GE (the shop by Starbucks must have been empty for 2 years), the building behind Fannie Mae also 2 years at least - not to mention the giant space left by Dominicks. We have to travel north of Roosevelt for every single amenity in this town. The new sports center at Ackerman takes 20 minutes to reach, the parking by the pool is sometimes 2 blocks away, the restaurants etc are all in downtown GE and the parking is a headache - always. Now, the town wants to push the police station, which makes for a lousy neighbor, south of Roosevelt too. We know the station has to exist, but it should be on Roosevelt which is ugly and noisy anyway.
Lorriane January 25, 2014 at 11:29 AM
I agree with all above. Panfish Park is a great peice of property in a town with very little open space. I think the village needs to do a little more hunting. Plus whatever they do, stop upping the property taxes


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