New Year Means New Water Rates

Increases approved in 2011 in response to rate hikes by Chicago, DuPage Water Commission.

Glen Ellyn residents will see a 9.5-percent bump in their water and sewer bills beginning in January as part of the village’s ongoing plan to offset increased costs by water providers.

The actual residential rate increases by $1.22 to $14.06 per 1,000 gallons used in a month. That represents $7.41 for water and $6.65 for sewer. As an example, the average residential user of 6,000 gallons will see a $7.32 increase in their bill, according to the village.

In late 2011, the village passed a plan to implement the 9.5-percent increases through 2015 to cover rate hikes passed on by the City of Chicago through the DuPage Water Commission. Glen Ellyn obtains its water from Lake Michigan, first through Chicago’s system and then through the DWC system.

Chicago in 2011 passed a series of four rate increases for Lake Michigan water users, which included a 20-percent bump as of Jan. 1, 2013. In turn, DWC also raised rates that meant Glen Ellyn’s cost to buy water from DWC would grow by 115 percent by 2015, the village said.

The village points out that residential usage has decreased, but that water-sewer fees also help cover expenses from daily operations, system maintenance and repairs to aging infrastructure. Additional 9.5-percent rate hikes are planned for 2014 and 2015. 

While water rates are rising, the village recently announced residents should see a decrease in electric rates beginning in February as part of an aggregation plan previously approved by residents.


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