Glen Ellyn Searching for New Assistant Village Manager

The village is looking to fill a position that will be left vacant when a long-time employee retires.

The Village of Glen Ellyn is in the process of searching for an Assistant Village Manager, a position that pays roughly $110,000 a year — dependent upon experience.

The position will be left vacant when long-time Assistant Village Manager Dana Marie Izzo retires in March. The village hopes to fill the position by that time.

The village has two assistants to the village manager; one who handles administrative affairs and the other has typically managed human resources.

As the village seeks a new hire, it has tweaked the position's responsiblities, which will be expanded moving forward, said Village Manager Mark Franz. 

“We know exactly what the position will be, HR, IT and oversee communications as well a variety of other special projects at the senior level position and acting as village manager in my absence,” Franz said. In addition, the new hire will also provide support to other departments.

The change and expansion of the role was necessary with the changing government environment.

“The days of having one person manage one thing are over,” he said.  “We need to have people who can manager several things.” 

The village has a recruiter actively seeking potential hires and advertisement has appeared online for the position.

According to the job listing, among the skills sought for the position are:

A strong background in human resources and a minimum of six years experience in a local public agency or equivalent experience in the private sector in an administrative and managerial capacity involving responsibility for the planning, organization, implementation and supervision of varied programs

A number of candidates have already applied for the position, Franz said.

“We will go through a full recruitment process, narrow the field down, interview candidates and shrink our list from there,” he said. “We will get it down to two or three candidates and make a final decision.”

Izzo retires on March 1 after about 20 years at the village. She held various titles over the years, he said.

“We are excited about this and we are also wishing Dana Marie Izzo well in her much deserved retirement,” Franz said.

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Dr Silicon January 21, 2013 at 05:02 PM
How about being like the rest of corporate America, re-assign the work and save the taxpayers money!
J. Burket January 22, 2013 at 03:11 AM
I wish I could disagree with that thinking.


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