Glen Ellyn Park District Board Election: Jay Kinzler

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Jay Kinzler 

Position Sought:

Glen Ellyn Park District Commissioner

Campaign Contact Information



What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

Making the park district less realiant on property taxes. By hiring and supporting a top notch staff that is efficient and cost conscience that runs the park district programs and facilities to get the most value possible for the residents.

Your Home Address:

Glen Ellyn, IL

Family Members:

Jennifer Kinzler wife

two children who are minors

none work in government



1976-1980 Loyola University of Chicago
Major: Biology
Degree: B.S. 5-80
Graduation Honors - Cum Laude


1980-1984 Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine,
Maywood, IL. M.D. 5-84


1984-1985 Intern in Surgery, Loyola University Medical
Center, Maywood, Illinois
1985-1986 Surgery Resident, Loyola University Medical
Center, Maywood, Illinois
1986-1990 Urology Resident, Loyola University Medical
Center, Maywood, Illinois
1990-1991 Renal Transplant Fellow, St. Vincent's Medical
Center, University of Southern California, 
Los Angeles, California

Current Occupation and Employer

Quality Control of Cancer Registry Data- 1-06 thru 12-06
Chicago Urological Society Executive Committee 10-06 thru present 
Chicago Urological Society Secretary/Treasurer 4-08 thru 4-09
Chicago Urological Society Vice President 4-09 thru 4-10
Chicago Urological Society President 4-10 thru 4-20-11
Chicago Urological Society Immediate Past President 4-20-11 to 4-4-12
Elmhurst Department of Surgery –Vice Chairman 10-1-08 thru 9-30-10
Elmhurst Department of Surgery—Chairman 10-01-10 thru 9-30-12 
Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare Medical Executive Committee 10-01-10 thru present
Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare Surgical Department Executive Committee 10-08 thru present
Medical Staff Treasurer/ Secretary of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital 10-1-12 thru present
Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare Physician Relations Committee 1-9-12 thru present
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Call Compensation Committee January 2012 thru present


10/1/96 - present Active Medical Staff
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital
6/22/94 - 9/30/96 Associate Staff
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital
12/16/92 - 6/22/94 Provisional Staff
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital
7/27/00 – 5/10/05 Active Medical Staff-LaGrange Memorial Hospital
3/31/96 – 7/27/00 Courtesy Medical Staff, Department of Surgery 
LaGrange Memorial Hospital
3/21/94 – 3/31/96 Active Consulting Medical Staff-LaGrange Memorial Hospital Dept. of Surgery
1/19/93 – 3/21/94 Provisional Staff, Department of Surgery
LaGrange Memorial Hospital
1/18/01 - 5/10/05 Active Medical Staff Hinsdale Hospital 
07/01/93 - 7/1997 Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery
Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
01/1993 - 06/1993 Assistant Professor, Department of Urology
Loyola University Medical Center
07/1992 - 12/1992 Assistant Professor, Department of Urology
Acting Director Renal Transplant
Loyola University Medical Center
08/1991 - 06/1992 Instructor, Department of Urology
Acting Director Renal Transplantation
Loyola University Medical Center
01/1993 - 06/1993 Urology Attending-Part Time
Hines Veterans Administration
1991 - 1992 Urology Attending
Hines Veterans Administration
1990 - 1991 House Physician 
St. Vincent's Medical Center
1989 - 1990 Incomplete Hospital Chart Reviewer
Loyola University Medical Center
1987 - 1990 Director of Emergency Room
Sacred Heart Community Hospital
1986 - 1990 Emergency Room Physician
Franklin Blvd Community Hospital
1983 - 1985 Employee 
Brookpark Medical & Emergency Center
1979 - 1980 Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Instructor
1978 - 1980 Comparative Anatomy Laboratory Instructor

Political Party Affiliation

Republican. Park district election is nonpartisan.

Why Are You Seeking Office?

To be able to lower taxes. Serve the community.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I am the only guy. I have a great deal of respect for the other candidates because of their dedication and hard work.

Issue 1: The Park District has plans for renovations and updates at Lake Ellyn Park. The projects will cost a significant amount of money. Do you agree with the proposed updates? And, if so, what are your thoughts on how the park district might pay for the proposed upgrades?

I agreed with having a long term plan for Lake Ellyn Park. The park needs work and piece meal improvements would waste money in the long run. The plan was expensive but we did get our money's worth. It will take a long time to implement it. It will take some ingenuity and generosity to finance even part of it. But every big project starts with a dream. As we can afford it we can work on parts of it and enjoy the park along the way.

Issue 2: How can the Park District continue to offer a variety of programs to the public while maintaining a balanced budget?

Over the last two years with the elimination of company cars, cutting travel expenses,reducing cell phone costs, more competitive bidding, less contracting with outside firms and other cost cutting strategies and increasing income streams we have balanced our operations budget. This has been a priority for this board. The staff has made it happen. We have added new programs and cut others based on residents input and community surveys. 

Issue 3: What programs would you suggest the park district add, change or end? And, why?

This is an on going process. We have expanded our transparency of how we do our work. All the park district documents are online and our meetings (which are open to the public) are broadcast live on line. Many of the best ideas come from the residents. We use their input from their attendance at meetings, communications and surveys to decide what programs we expand into or consolidate or discontinue.

Please add any other information pertinent to your campaign.

It has been a very rewarding experience to work with our board, the staff and our residents. I have learned a great deal from them. Although there is always room to improve it has been fun to be part of a successful organization.


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