Conservation Group To Buy Proposed Development Site at Butterfield and Rte. 53

Many residents opposed a proposed gas station at the site, which will now be turned over to the Butterfield Park District.

Schematic of the proposed gas station. (Credit: Buchanan Energy.)
Schematic of the proposed gas station. (Credit: Buchanan Energy.)

A local conservation group will purchase a 2.4-acre site at Butterfield Road and Route 53 that was originally proposed for a gas station, convenience store and car wash, according to the Daily Herald.

The Naperville-based Conservation Foundation will purchase the land for $1.5 million and resell it to the Butterfield Park District, the Daily Herald reports.  

A developer had planned to build a Mobil station and Bucky's convenience store at the northeast corner of the intersection, the Herald reported earlier.

There was strong opposition to the gas station, which some said would draw more vehicles and could result in an "increase in toxic emissions" that could "post a health risk for children" using nearby Butterfield Park District facilities, according to the article. 
Dr Silicon April 28, 2014 at 07:47 AM
BS, Another not in my back yard, more tax revenue down the toilet.
Ike Hoagland April 28, 2014 at 12:33 PM
Um, what happens when we the tax payers in the Butterfield Park district say NO!? I don't want the government to take more money from me because some people headed by the owner of the BP station don't want another gas station competing against themselves. Why don't we ever hear about this site was a gas station in the 1980's and the park district was still there with the children from back then? I was a child who went to that park to swim back in the 1980's should I sue the park districk because I was exposed by them knowingly letting me swim so close to a gas station?
Lorriane April 29, 2014 at 09:34 AM
Could have been a great source of revenue generation. Also this site once was a gas station. If it's ever determine that that has station ever had a leak problem guess who's on the hook now for any clean up. The taxpayer


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