Man Arrested After Robbing Walmart for Drug Money

Jeffrey R. Wilson, 22, was charged with robbery by Forest Park police after he grabbed $200 from a register on Monday.

A 22-year-old man from Homer Glen has been charged with robbery in connection with an incident Dec. 3 at Walmart, 1300 Des Plaines Ave., Forest Park police reported.

Authorities said Jeffrey R. Wilson has been accused of taking $200, which he told police he wanted to use to buy drugs on credit.

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Eyewitnesses told police that Wilson had walked into the store, where an employee had given him some tissue to clean blood off his legs. Wilson looked around the store for a minute or two and then went into the men's room to finish cleaning up.

A security guard at Walmart told police he saw a man, later identified as Wilson, in the men's room and noticed the blood on his legs. The security guard was standing by the exit doors when he saw Wilson leave the bathroom, walk to a cash register and grab money with both hands and then head towards the exit doors.

A security guard said he pushed a shopping cart in front of Wilson to prevent him from leaving the store, but Wilson moved past the cart and the guard had to tackle him in the vestibule in an effort to detain him until police arrived, police said.

Wilson was able to get free and ran to his 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche and drove off in the direction of Kmart, according to police. Employees were able to provide police with a descrition of Wilson, his vehicle and his license plate number when police arrived on the scene.

An alert was issued by police, and a short time later, Forest Park police pulled over his vehicle in the 6800 block of Roosevelt Road in Berwyn, police said.  Police said that a $100 bill and two $50s were found in the driver's compartment of Wilson's truck.

Wilson is due to appear in Maybrook court on Tuesday.

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