Boy, 4, Drowns at Country Club in St. Charles

Paramedics were called to the Royal Fox Country Club in St. Charles at 3 p.m. Saturday.

A 4-year-old boy drowned Saturday afternoon at the Royal Fox Country Club in St. Charles, according to media reports. 

Paramedics were called to the country club, located at 4405 Royal and Ancient drives, at 3 p.m. for a report of a "person in cardiac arrest," according to the Daily Herald. 

Authorities said details surrounding the drowning are still being pieced together

An autopsy is scheduled for Monday, according to the Kane County Chronicle. The identity of the victim is not being released at this time. 
Michelle Berls June 16, 2014 at 09:42 AM
I have been thinking about and praying for this family since I heard yesterday. I lost an adult child suddenly and I know what this family is experiencing right now. Comments like the first one posted here are heartless. Have some compassion. Losing a child is the most heartbreaking experience on this earth regardless of how it happened. May God give them hope and comfort during this difficult time.
Ellabulldog June 16, 2014 at 10:01 AM
When I saw a kid drown 4 years ago in Aurora at the indoor pool at the Vaughn Center "everyone" blamed the Mom. Watching the Mom come in and hysterically not be able to do anything, wondering how I could live if it were my child, made me realize that we have to watch our kids around water to an almost fanatic level. There was a lifeguard less than 10 feet from the kid, no one blamed him. Last weekend my 4 year old niece easily could have drowned at Otter Cove, twice the lifeguards did not notice her wander into an area just over her head. She was trying to yell help. I was watching "my sister in law and brother in law not so closely" so saved her twice before the lifeguards. Kids don't understand water. Just takes a second. When making these comments it should not be to blame but to educate. So that this does not happen at the rate it does. To say these things just happen is true, but to say we can't stop these things with more vigilance is patently ignorant. You have to be in the water with the 4 year old, right next to them or have your eyes on them the whole time. A Life-jacket has to be worn if water level is over their head. Even if they can swim. No blame just educating others. Being quiet on this is maybe why we lose so many this way. Losing a child for any reason is the worst thing I can imagine. I'm having flashbacks as I read this. So for anyone with a pool, who goes to Pottawatomie, Otter Cove, Sunset or anywhere. Watch you children. Don't trust anyone else but yourself. Lifeguards are mostly kids and are fallible. Grandparents or friends/relatives won't be as vigilant. Babysitters or nannies may not watch so closely. So so sorry for the parents and their family for their loss.
DJP June 17, 2014 at 03:50 PM
Okay people! A young 4 year old child drowns and some of you feel the need to lecture the reporter where the pool is located and the dangers of water? This is NOT the time nor the place. This family and their friends are in a pain that we can never imagine. So save your pontificating for another time. They need understanding, our prayers, and if you are not religious than just think of them for a quiet moment.
Ellabulldog June 18, 2014 at 10:22 AM
DJP, I saw a kid drown so I want to share that experience so that I don't have to see it again. Possibly someone may read this article and instead of thinking it is a "tragic" accident will learn that it is an avoidable occurrence if society would be more vigilant. We can't help this child or this family. I wish I could take their pain away. Discussing how we can stop future incidents makes this a perfect place to discuss this. Summer is the best time as this happens more often now, yet I saw a kid drown in an indoor pool in the winter. Bad things happen in life and we must confront them, learn from them and hopefully reduce the occurrence of them. Go to the Vaughn Center in Aurora and see if they post a picture of what can happen there when a parent does not follow the rules and have their kid in a life preserver and stay within arms reach of them in the pool. I doubt you will see a picture of an enlarged purple head with veins popping from lack of oxygen. We cover up the bad, let it happen over and over because we don't want to inconvenience society or make people feel bad. They provided life vests, had two lifeguards yet a kid still drown. Why? Because he was 4 and not old enough to be unsupervised in the water, even for a minute or two. So you may not want to hear it but it must be told, no matter if that Mom reads this post, because I don't want another parent to experience what she did that day. I just wish I got to the side of that pool a minute earlier.
Ellabulldog June 20, 2014 at 04:34 PM
ok, another kid drowns in Bridgeview, too many, watch your kids people!!


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