Letter to the Editor: Conroy Says Make Every Day a Day of Service

Glen Ellyn Patch welcomes letters to the editor. Letters may be submitted to Local Editor Mary Ann Lopez at maryl@patch.com.

Glen Ellyn Patch welcomes letters to the editor and letters to the community. Letters may be submitted for consideration to Local Editor Mary Ann Lopez at maryl@patch.com.

Dear Editor:  

This past weekend, volunteers across America participated in the National Day of Service and selflessly gave back to their communities.

From volunteering at after-school programs to picking up litter in a state park to countless other worthwhile efforts, we would not be the nation we are without the kindness and generosity of the unsung heroes among us. 

There was simply no better way to honor Dr. King’s legacy than by recognizing the National Day of Service on the weekend before Martin Luther King Day, for our commitment to bettering our communities is rooted in the American ideal and a true testament to a nation committed to furthering the ongoing struggle towards justice and equality.

Dr. King’s pursuit of ending intolerance and violence in our communities echoes today as we work to carry on his memory. I’m asking for us all to treat every day as if it’s a National Day of Service. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Pitch in at your neighborhood senior center. Check in on the military family down the street.

There is never a shortage of worthy causes that would greatly benefit from you offering a helping hand. If you are unsure of where to begin, visit www.serve.gov to locate a volunteer project near you. Help make a difference in your community and join me in making the pledge to serve.  


Deb Conroy

State Representative, 46th District

Deb Conroy serves a portion of Glen Ellyn.


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