Letter to the Editor: Congressman Roskam Needed in Washington

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To the Editor:
I recently learned that I am a part of the newly redrawn 6th Congressional district in which Congressman Peter Roskam is running for reelection.  
Congressman Roskam is a fiscal conservative and a firmbeliever that private industry job creation is the key to the reversal of President Obama’s current policies that favor higher tax rates and even heavier federal spending.  Roskam also favors the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and will work in a bipartisan manner to fix the real problems in our healthcare system.  He is fully aware that Obamacare is a job killer and will have a devastating affect on the US economy.
The US Chamber of Commerce released a study not too long ago asking over 1,200 small business executives asking how Obamacare will affect hiring practices. 72 percent of the small businesses studied said the new healthcare law will make it harder for them to hire and for many it would force them to reduce the size of their business.
Most devastating in the healthcare bill is the Independent Payment Advisory Board; a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats who will decide how much doctors and hospitals will be paid for medical procedures under Medicare if spending goals are exceeded, seen as a sure bet. This panel will have extraordinary power by being able to reduce the reimbursement for procedures they deem too expensive or “unproductive”.  If the reimbursement to doctors and hospitals is below cost, those providers will avoid performing them; denying life-saving treatment to seniors.
We need Congressman Roskam back in Congress. Please join me in re-electing Congressman Peter Roskam on November 6th.
Craig Conn
St. Charles, IL

Christina October 28, 2012 at 06:20 AM
I m so curious about these continued letters endorsing Rubberstamp Roskam. Someone who left the district feels this guy is doing a really good job even though he doesn't live here anymore. And another letter from someone who apparently just realized that Roskam is his 'representative.' Obviously Roskam's made a huge impression out in St. Charles. Anyway, our representative, Roskam, is too busy mailing huge multi colored postcards to people in his district that he can't come here and debate his challenger. I picture him behind a huge desk, SO BUSY with Mounds of cards and free postage that we may never see him again. On a non-sarcastic note, obviously the four of us in our household will not vote for Pete. We never did,and we never will. Doesn't it bother anyone out there that while the POTUS has found time to debate his challenger three times, our man on the spot is too busy to engage in an intellectual dialogue with his very competent challenger. I hope that there are some uncommitted voters out there who will wonder Where in the World is Roskam and why he is a no show.


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