Heroes Come In All Sizes: Mom Talk

Even children can truly make a difference.

There are 13 more heroes in Chicago's collar communities. None of them is named Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. Still, they are young. They are impressive.

These 13 young men, ages 11 to 14, were put to the test and they passed. They are Boy Souts. They were prepared. They are most certainly heroes.

It wasn't long ago when an Evanston man was riding his bike along a path in Palos. Out of his element, Andy Matthews, accidentally hit a large rock—with his face.

In shock, Matthews struggled to get to safety. He came upon the New Lenox Boy Scout Troop 44 on a hike. The boys noticed Matthews swerving on his bike, disoriented. They asked if he was OK. After the man answered no, the boys noticed his eye was swolen shut. His shirt was torn, and he was bleeding from the nose and mouth.

Just then, the boys sprung into action. Out came the ice packs and the first aid kit. They helped him sit down, then eventually guided him out to get medical assistance.

"They boys were great," Matthews said. "They were well prepared."

Matthews ended up having 3 plates and 24 screws put in his face. He is expected to have more surgeries still. Even worse than the injuries, though, Matthews said was the shock. Without the boys, he wouldn't have known what to do.

The heroes are named Ken Clarke, Nathan Creech, Kevin Dexheimer, Jake Durkus, T.J. Duraka, Nick Hill, Will Lester, Michael Malloy, Michael McBride, Bobby Pilipchuck, Anthony Rios, Nick Ruskowsky, and Austin Willis.

As parents, it can be challenging to guide our children to selecting true heroes as role models. After all, we never know when our favorite athletes, for example, will turn out to be O.J. Simpson or Michael Vick.

Here are 13 young men who not only talked the talk of the Boy Scout motto. They also walked the walk. When it came time for them to truly step up, they each met the challenge.

In a society where headlines are filled with drugs, violence and hatred, we must celebrate our successes.

It is about character. These young men, thanks to their leaders and parents, have it. I hope my children grow up to be just like them.

Michael August 15, 2012 at 10:47 PM
Justin bieber is still my hero
Erin Gallagher August 15, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Well, Jim, people have accused me of being liberal, and clearly I'm not "intent upon destroying the Boy Scout organization." So please be careful with your generalizations, eh?
Jim Smith August 17, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Erin, in general, liberals oppose the BSA because of the organization's stance on homosexuals in leadership positions and secondarily because of their position concerning the role of religion in BSA practices. Liberals (and not conservatives) have made a concerted effort to reduce funding for the BSA (e.g., United Way was forced to stop sharing funds with the BSA). They have also worked to force various schools and other public organization to disassociate themselves with the BSA. Of course not ALL liberals agree with that perspective. That's true for ALL groups and perspectives - it's close to impossible to find 100% agreement on anything. As a journalist you should know this.
Cedgar August 17, 2012 at 04:11 AM
She never did say she was liberal; she just said she was accused of such. But she did once note "when we badmouth other people, our children learn from us". This happened a few weeks after she called a person a "baseball glove with lipstick and a wig". Clearly a generalization on baseball gloves, "eh"? Either way, what the young boy scouts did was pretty neat. I know they were acknowledged with Good Samaritan awards. Erin was surely right when she said that heroes come in all sizes. Good work, guys.
Jim Smith August 17, 2012 at 05:22 PM
"She never did say she was liberal; she just said she was accused of such." I did not say she was liberal but she acted as if I had. Does she often take things too personally?


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