Part I: Are You In The RED When It Comes To Preventative Home Maintenance? What Home Maintenance REALLY Costs You vs. How Much It Saves You!

Part I: Are You In The RED When It Comes To Preventative Home Maintenance? What Home Maintenance REALLY Costs You vs. How Much It Saves You!

With the drastic reduction of home values over the recent years, many homeowners have been forced to stay in their homes rather than moving on or up as they may have originally planned.  In the past, many homeowners would put off performing preventative maintenance on various items in the home knowing that they would be quickly moving to that “DREAM” home.  With the current state of political bickering leading to uncertainty in the overall economy, now is the time most homeowners need to buckle down and protect, what for most is the largest investment they have…their home!  Throughout this series, we will cover the top 5 home maintenance items that need attention on an annual basis.  1) HVAC system, 2) water heater and sump pump, 3) bathroom caulking, 4) exterior window and door caulking, 5) roof vent and flashing caulking.

You should thoroughly clean your house vents and duct work regularly for your system to run in tip top shape.  Filters are by far the most overlooked place where dust and debris accumulates.  These are critical to clean air because the air filters clean out air pollutants such as molds, skin cells, and allergens.

If mold spores are inhaled or ingested, you can become seriously ill.  The longer you go undiagnosed, and untreated, the mold will continue to grow inside your body, making you sicker with each passing day.  As mold continues to grow inside your body it produces poisons called “mycotoxins”, these poisons leak into your body day after day.  Each day it is left untreated the colonies of Mold grow larger producing and releasing larger amounts of toxins into your body.

Study after study shows that people who live in homes which have algae and mold have poorer physical and mental health than people who do not.  A recent news story showed how dangerous mold can be to your health, sighting level 1, level 2 and level 3 symptoms.  Once exposed, people are much more likely to infect each other with illnesses.  Mold has also been linked to lung damage, brain damage, cancer and even death.  The latest discovery of “mold fine [articulates” in our environment coupled with the associated medical documentation; prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, sickness and diseases from mold exposure and exposure to Mold Fine Particulates are very real.

Different species of mold produce different toxins and people will suffer a wide range of different symptoms.  Mold sickness will affect many people in many different ways and produce a variety of symptoms.  Because the varieties of symptoms from mold exposure are so wide in range, many physicians deem their patients to have psychological problems.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Most importantly, visually inspect you HVAC filters ever 1 to 6 months to make sure the filter is not blocked by debris.  You should also check your fish tank filters or even your pool filters on a regular basis.  Steady maintenance and upkeep of these areas will guarantee these appliances to perform at peak performance and keep you and your family from harm’s way.  In fact, you can expect to gain up to 100% efficiency by changing your filters consistently.  This step alone will help you avoid pricey breakdowns which can cost a few hundred dollars to potentially thousands of dollars in repairs.

If not performed, this simple maintenance item can cost you thousands, not to mention compromising your family’s health.  If you are someone who wants to perform these steps on your own, performing this is highly recommended.  However, if you don’t want to, don’t have the time or physically can’t, visit www.safegc.com and sign up for your own Gold or Platinum Preventative Home Maintenance Program for less than the cost for one cup of coffee per day.

Join us again for part 2 of this 5 part series on “Are You In The RED When It Comes To Preventative Home Maintenance? What Home Maintenance REALLY Costs You vs. How Much It Saves You!” 

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russ harrison January 21, 2013 at 07:44 PM
Great article. As a contractor I see it all the time. People won't pay to replace windows and sills because someone said they can save a few dollars by wrapping thyem in aluminum. Less work andf about the same cost, but the rot is still there and will just get worse. In the end, they didn't reallys ave anything, they just postponed the inevitable and in the long run it costs them a lot of money they didn't have to spend. Another common item is the AC unit noutdoors that never gets cleaned. It ices over and doesn't perform and then comes a service call that could have been avoided. Gutters need to be ke[pt clean to avoid roof damage, gates and fences need to be adjusted occasionally, and sometimes just a good old fashioned power wash will avoid costly repairs later. That saying "pay now or pay later" is especially true in home maintenance. And just for information...household BLEACH DOES NOT WORK ON MANY HOUSEHOLD MOLDS...


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