New Business Bottle & Bottega Allows Adults to Party, Paint Outside the Lines

A Glen Ellyn couple has opened Bottle & Bottega, which offers an evening of painting in a party environment.

Lynn and John Day were ready to embark on their “encore careers” and were looking for a new business to start.

The Glen Ellyn couple wanted to use the skills they acquired over the years in business and party planning. When an opportunity aligned with their skill sets and their love of art and nightlife, they found the perfect match in Bottle & Bottega.

Bottle & Bottega offers hands on art sessions that allow adults to paint outside the lines and have a fun evening of food, drinks and painting. Some events are held in “pop-up” locations, like bars, while private or corporate events can be held at homes or other locations.

The franchise was started in Chicago in 2009 and has grown to four locations; Glen Ellyn is the fourth location, said Lynn Day. A fifth location, the company’s corporate studio, is in the city.

In Glen Ellyn, Bottle & Bottega is currently hosting pop-up parties along with private parties held in homes. Pop-up parties have been held at Shannon’s Irish Pub. Other events have been held outside of Glen Ellyn. The couple offers parties from Elmhurst to the Tri-Cities.

In October, the couple will open a studio space at 498 Crescent Blvd. Events including private or corporate Bottle & Bottega parties will be held at the location. It will also serve as a gallery for artworks created by the Bottle & Bottega art instructors.

Those who attend the parties held at the studio will be able to bring their own beverages and food. The Day’s were able to secure a BYOB liquor license from the village. Bottle & Bottega supplies all of the artist’s tools, from the apron to the paint, canvas to the art instructor.

The artists who are there to help guide the class are experienced artists who had to submit a portfolio of their work and a resume, she said. They also had to go through an audition during a mock class.

“The artists teach you how to do a general sketch and how to divide the canvas into quarters,” she said. “The artist helps you learn where to place basic outlines and then the artist helps you build up the background and begin to layer on top. The artist is teaching you how to blend colors and layer the colors.” 

No two paintings are alike and when the night is over, the partygoers have a piece of art they created. 

“It’s not an art class, it’s an art party,” Lynn Day said. “The only lesson to learn is you do have an inner artist.”

Learn more about Bottle & Bottega – Glen Ellyn. The John and Lynn Day hope the storefront will be open in mid-October. Bottle & Bottega will be located at 498 Crescent Blvd. Contact them at glenellyn@bottle-bottega.com or 630-984-4955. Party goers pay $40 to attend and that fee covers the cost of the art supplies. Find them on Facebook.


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