Cassie Nevitt: Helping the Whole Woman

Cassie Nevitt teaches Pilates and offers her clients other ways to improve their lives.

Cassie Nevitt takes a holistic approach to her clients’ health. Through her business Vibrant Body, Inc., Nevitt offers classes and coaching that allows the women who seek her services, to improve their lives, health and wellness.

Nevitt, 28, started her own Pilates business while living with her husband in Colorado. When she moved back to Illinois, she began offering classes through her -based business. She teaches Romana’s Pilates, offers the Rossiter System, a form of pain relief and holds classes in the “Art of Feminine Presence,” which helps women act powerfully while maintaining their femininity.

While a studying psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, Nevitt started practicing Pilates. Eventually she went on to study and earn her certification in Romana’s Pilates in New York. She began teaching in New York in 2007 and has continued her career in fitness ever since.

Pilates is a fitness system devised by Joseph Pilates, which helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles and puts emphasis on developing core strength. There a number of different forms of Pilates, but Nevitt studied Romana’s Pilates, a form created by one of the founder’s original students who studied with him for more than 30 years.

“I really love that Pilates trains you to move through the rest of your life with a minimal amount of pain and it trains you through movement,” Nevitt said. “You gain a greater amount of comfort, a greater amount of strength and a greater use of your body.”

Pilates is about building core strength and functional flexibility, she said.

Her mat classes serve up to 10 people, but usually top out at eight students. She also offers private sessions.

While Pilates helps students build a stronger core and longer, leaner muscles, The Rossiter System works to release areas of tension that may be causing a person pain, Nevitt said.

She went through a special training program while living in Colorado. She is a Level 1 Rossiter coach.

With Rossiter, the client is the one doing the work, she said, adding she works as a guide taking the person through a workout involving stretches to the area being worked on. The practice restores blood flow, function and range to the bodies tissues.

“[Rossiter] can be incredibly effective in a short time,” she said.

Once her clients are feeling better physically, she also offers them a way to empower themselves while embracing their femininity. She offers the Art of Feminine Presence as an ongoing series of classes.

Many women in business are taking the classes, she said. The classes are offered as a five-week series after an initial workshop.

“A lot of women are succeeding and when that happens they tend to take on the masculine,” Nevitt said. “There tends to be a lack of authenticity. The Art of Feminine Presence helps women be as powerful as they can be and with their femininity.”

Learn more about Nevitt’s business Vibrant Body, Inc. The Art of Feminine Presence five-week workshops cost is $140. Pilates classes are taught in eight-week sessions. Private Pilates classes are $85. Rossiter sessions are $45.


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