Glen Ellyn Wildlife Center Releases Injured Bald Eagle, Now Recovered

Officials believe the bird was shot, although it is now doing well.

Patch file photo of the injured bald eagle
Patch file photo of the injured bald eagle
By Jennifer Fisher and Lorraine Swanson

An injured bald eagle took flight for the first time in months after being treated at a Glen Ellyn wildlife center.

After caring for the injured bald eagle since February, the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, 525 S. Park Boulevard, released the bird Friday morning.

Oak Lawn Animal Control Officer Barry Adamczyk told Patch earlier that a homeowner found the bird sitting on a fence in his backyard in Oak Lawn.

“My first thought, ‘yeah, right,’ I doubt it’s an eagle. We get all kinds of calls for hawks," Adamczyk said. When he saw the bird, however, he had no doubt.

“It had a white head. It was definitely a big bird,” Adamczyk said. “I thought, ‘Holy cow, this is a bald eagle.”

The bird appeared to have a broken wing, and Adamczyk and another animal control officer placed it in a dog carrier before bringing it to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellyn.

Vets at the wildlife center removed a metal object from the eagle's wing, which they believe was some type of bullet.


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