Glen Ellyn Among Metro Chicago's Top Transit Suburbs

Glen Ellyn was ranked No. 11 in a study of Chicago area commuter suburbs.

A new study bears out what already know. The village ranks highly among the top transit suburbs in the Chicago area.

ranked No. 11 among the top 20 communities, according to a study from the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development. The No. 1 community was LaGrange, according to the study.

The top 25 finalists received at least three visits from the DePaul University team conducting the study and compiling the information, according to the study. After making at least visits the team whittled the list down to the top 20.

The team used 45 measurable factors when ranking the best transit communities based on:

  • Station buildings and platforms.
  • Station grounds and parking.
  • Walkable downtown amenities adjacent to the station.
  • Degree of community connectivity to public transportation, as measured by the use of commuter rail services.

Glen Ellyn ranked No. 11 overall. But, its ranking was broken down based on:

  • Walkable amenities and services: 4
  • Community connectivity to transit: 8
  • Station grounds and parking: 15
  • Station buildings and platforms: 25 

View the report or review the Glen Ellyn ranking



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