Glen Ellyn Residents Encouraged to Call Union Pacific if Trains Block Crossings

With construction underway on the Taylor Avenue bridge, the Village of Glen Ellyn shares the protocol residents should follow for blocked crossings.

Driving home after a recent night meeting I was sidelined as a train was sitting on the tracks in downtown Glen Ellyn. I put my car in park and waited and waited and waited a little more.

Soon, it became clear the train wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, along with the other drivers stuck at the intersection I took another route. But, I wondered if there wasn’t some way to alert authorities to the situation. 

On Wednesday, the Village of Glen Ellyn shared the protocol residents should use, should Union Pacific trains remain on the tracks for extended periods.

With construction underway on the Taylor Avenue bridge and the closure of the Taylor Avenue underpass expected until some time in November, the village and Union Pacific are asking drivers to contact Union Pacific directly when trains block any Glen Ellyn crossings, according to a news release from the village.

After I was stuck waiting, I asked Glen Ellyn Patch’s Facebook friends if this was a common occurrence, some said it was; others said it wasn’t. But, a few people were concerned that with the bridge construction, which was pending at the time, getting around would become more difficult and make drivers late for appointments.

If the trains are blocking the crossings, residents are encouraged to call 1-888-UPRR-COP (1-888-877-7267). In addition, the Village of Glen Ellyn said it would contact Union Pacific when it is alerted to a blocked crossing.

To contact Union Pacific in the event of a blocked crossing call: 1-888-UPRR-COP (1-888-877-7267).

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