Glen Ellyn Couple Welcomes Newborn on 12-12-12

Families from Glen Ellyn and Lombard welcomed newborns Wednesday at Good Samaritan Hospital with a once-in-a-century birthdate.

Dads were jumping for joy as they were given the word that their children were born Wednesday—12-12-12—at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove.

“I was very excited our son was born today,” said Tiffany Tyson, a resident of Glen Ellyn. “My due date was today, too!”

“We were hoping he would hold on until the due date and he did,” said Tiffany's husband, Art Tyson. “Our newborn son, Valentino, is also now the 12th grandchild in the family.”

Another happy day came for the Fahad family of Lombard. Parents, Afroz and Fahad, welcomed baby Ehan at 2:36 pm Wednesday.

“It’s really amazing,” said Fahad Iraqi, father. “It’s not just unique, it’s super unique!”

“I was coming in to be induced, but my water broke on our way in,” said Afroz, whose due date was Dec. 13. “I guess it was just supposed to happen this way.”

“This is a once in a century kind of thing,” said Dr. Shamita Bansore, an obstetrician on staff at Good Samaritan Hospital. Bansore delivered both babies today.

Both mothers and babies are healthy and their birthdays will never be forgotten.

Editor's Note: Downers Grove Local Editor Amanda Luevano compled this report, which was submitted by Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital.

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