Best of Craigslist: Abstract Cat Rug, Wolverine Snow Globe

Check out some of the most interesting posts we found for the DuPage County area this week, including two here from Glen Ellyn.

(Credit: Craigslist)
(Credit: Craigslist)
By Darren McRoy
The following items and postings were found on Craigslist for the DuPage County area. Note: Patch has no control over the status of these posts on Craigslist and how long they remain available.

Abstract Cat Rug

It’s a rug, it’s a cat, it’s a commentary on 20th-century imperialism. (Just always say that any modern art is a commentary on 20th-century imperialism; it makes you sound learned.) Picasso meets the Internet meets your living-room floor with this abstract kitty rug, $349 out of Glen Ellyn. Warning: if your own kitty finds the depiction unflattering, he may tear it to shreds.    

Wolvering Snow Globe

This sort of makes sense: Wolverine is Canadian, after all (and canonically 5’3”, though neither mattered when they cast Hugh Jackman) and there’s plenty of snow in Canada. Still, I think it’d be cooler if the snow were red—that’s the color a lot of things seem to turn around Mr. James Howlett. But there’s a night-light inside, so that’s still pretty awesome. It’s $25 from Villa Park.    

Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

Throw the ultimate Mickey Mouse party with these (probably) second-hand party supplies featuring the world’s most recognizable pair of oversized ears. This collection comes with lanterns, centerpieces, baskets, balloons and even 27 party-favor bags to induct your guests into the Cult of the Mouse. Michael Eisner-approved. The whole collection is $45 from Woodridge.

Monkey Toddler and Baby Banana

Does your toddler betray a frequent desire to peel and devour your infant? (Okay, probably not; that was a weird thing to write.) Either way, the two might make a cute pair despite the potentially disturbing subtext in these costumes, just $15 together out of Glen Ellyn and in plenty of time for Halloween. I’m reading too much into it, they’re quite cute.

Ultra-Deluxe Mahogany Monopoly Table

If your Monopoly game comes in a box, well, clearly you are playing a lower standard of board game. Thanks to this Lemont seller, I now know that real Monopoly is played on an engraved, dedicated mahogany table with a leather-bound folio for holding deeds and money. It’s just $199, which is less than it costs to buy one of the railroads … except for this, real money is required.

Spin the Bottle Game

So many different types of smooches, so little time. Let the bottle decide with this little goofy spinner out of Woodridge, from “Eskimo Kiss” to “Naughty Dog” (oh, my). Traditionally, you don’t need to buy anything to play Spin the Bottle—you just need, y’know, a bottle—but it might make a cute gag gift at just $5, and for the adventurous promises hours of entertainment (and possibly a group outbreak of cold sores).


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