AT&T Adds Cell Site in Glen Ellyn, Improves Internet Coverage

A new cell site at Route 53 and Beamis Road should improve web browsing and download speeds for Glen Ellyn residents in that area, according to AT&T.

Surfing the Internet just got a little faster for some businesses and residents in Glen Ellyn.

Internet users in Glen Ellyn who have service with AT&T should now be able to surf the web, download files faster and user more mobile applications.

On Tuesday, AT&T announced it has activated a new mobile Internet cell site in Glen Ellyn that will enhance coverage for area residents and businesses, according to a news release from AT&T. The new site will improve coverage for the businesses and residents near Route 53 and Beamis Road.

“As part of the Glen Ellyn community, we’re always looking for new opportunities to provide an enhanced customer experience, and our investment in the local wireless network is just one way AT&T is accomplishing it,” Paul La Schiazza, President, AT&T Illinois said in a news release. “As technology transitions to an internet-based ‘smart’ network, we’re building a network in Illinois that’s smarter and better to provide our customers with a superior mobile Internet experience.  In addition, with modern state regulations, we could invest more into these new technologies that consumers and businesses are demanding.”

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