SCARCE Project Welcomes Help from Glen Crest Builders Club

      Students from the Glen Crest Middle School  Builders Club recently spent Saturday morning, January 25, volunteering at the environmental organization SCARCE, located in Glen Ellyn. The Builders Club is a service club sponsored by Kiwanis, and is essentially a middle-school version of Kiwanis's Key Clubs. This organization has helped out at SCARCE in the past with a number of different environmental projects. This time they were taking discarded crayons, removing the paper from them, sorting them by color, and then melting them down and molding them into a variety of larger shapes so that they can be used by children with special needs. “The Builders Club members get a lot of joy from helping others in a variety of ways, and this  project was no exception,” explained Craig Hofmann, Glen Crest sixth grade social studies teacher and Builders club sponsor.  Seventh  grader,  Stephanie Price commented,: "Even though my fingernails hurt a little from peeling the wrappers  off the crayons, I kept peeling because I knew that the kids would be so happy to get these Super Crayons." 


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