Glen Crest Announces Eighth Grade Award Winners for 2013-2014

  On Thursday, June 5, before the entire student body of Glen Crest Middle School, parents and relatives, the eighth grade graduating students were given the honors and awards they earned during the 2013-2014 school year.  Principal Todd Schrage coordinated the awards program and guided the presenters and award recipients through the program. 
Department Academic Awards and Pillar Awards:  World Languages  Academic Award, (French) Mary Kate Cooke and (Spanish) Emma Jones.  World Language Pillar Award:  (French) Tristan Arlos and (Spanish) Kelli Rexroad.  Literacy Academic Award:  Samantha Hume, Cassidy Shirley, and Michael Zima.  Literacy Pillar Award:  Bailee Flanagan Stephanie Smith and Joe Solon.  Mathematics Academic Award:  Mary Kate Cooke and Kaitlyn O’Keefe.  Mathematics Pillar Award:  Ashley Dodge and Emily Weigand.  Science Academic Award:  Mary Kate Cooke and Emily Weigand.  Science Pillar Award:  Tracy Conn and Camryn Fitzmaurice.  World Culture Pillar Award:  David Biscan.  Social Studies Academic Award:  Sophia Gallo and Michael Zima.  Social Studies Pillar Award:  Brandon Cizek and Dillon Lively. 
     Daughters of the American Colonists Award:  Grace Drinane.  Exploratories Academic Awards:  Art and Design Academic Award:  Olivia Janicke, Art and Design Pillar Award:  Suvannah Williams.  Computer Education Academic Award:  Lily Felsenthal and Kathy Yun.  Computer Education Pillar Award:  Gianna Anderson and Kayden Smith.  Health Education Academic Award:  Bailee Flanagan and Zachary Nelson.  Health Education Pillar Award:  Paul Maurer and Lillian Taylor.  Home Arts Academic Award:  Margaux Merker and Emma Taylor.  Home Arts Pillar Award:  Salim Aboufariss and Joe Solon.  Physical Education Academic Award:  Ashley Dodge and Dimitar Spasovski.  Physical Education Pillar Award:  Lucero Andres-Dominguez, Katie O’Keefe, Zach Nelson, and Jared Riebock.
Music Academic Awards:  Danielle Palmieri and Alex Sellers.  Music Pillar Awards:  Maggie Andres and Mary Kate Cooke. 
    Fine Arts Awards:  Director’s Award for Chorus: Kelli Rexroad and Claire Thiese.  Director’s Award for Orchestra:  Hannah Christie, Orchestra Pillar Award:  Hannah Christie.  Director’s Award for Theater Arts:  Julianna Gutierrez and Dale Nelson. 
    Athletic Awards:  Spartan Three-Sport Award:  Grace Buckley, Madyson Carli, Ava Childs, Tracy Conn, Ashley Dodge, Erica Edwards, Bailee Flanagan, Kylee Lafalce, Kaitlin Mora, Sarah Nardella, Emma Taylor, and Ryan McConville.  Spartan Four Sport Award:  Andrew Fritz and Michael Zima. 
     Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement:  lucero Andres-Dominguez, Eric Arnold, Benjamin Barlow, Madyson Carli, Sarah Cohen, Allison Daca, Justine Drake, Alex Dumitrescu, Emma Johnson, Sabine Kempfe, Kylee Lafalce, Ryan Largosa, Margaret Loversky, Levontie Matthews, Zachary Nelson, Kelli Resroad, Jared Riebock, Joseph Solon, Alexander Zambori.  
     The Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence:  Margaret Andres, Tristan Kenneth Arlos, Viti Bakhsi, Mitchell Berg, Grace Buckley, Keivon Caldwell, Haley Carroll, Ava Childs, Hannah Christie, Mary Kate Cooke, Ashley Dodge, Grace Drinane, Linton Ellis, Lillian Felsenthal, Camryn Fitzmaurice, Joceyln Fanco, Sophia Gallo, Emily Garza, Emily Gasparro, Samantha Hume, Olivia Janicke, Hannah Jennings, Emma Jones, Natalie Kay, Katherine King, Gregory Kozlick, Katherine Long, Samuel Makasiar, Ryan McConville, Sean McLaughlin, Matteo Miglio Orland Minniti, Kaitlyn O’Keee, Danielle Palmieri, David pechi, Patrick Poirier, Kristelle Punzalan, Rishi Puranik, Cooper Reif, Shawn Ruggiero, Robert Schmieder, Tess Schwaarz, Alexander Sellers, Cassidy Shirley, Kayden Smith, Karaline Solomon, Dimitar Spasovski, Katarzyna Szot, Andres Tapia, Claire Thiese, Emily Weigand, Kathy Yun, Alexander Zamsky and Michael Zima.
     The Student Union leadership Award:  Michael Zima and Cooper Reif.  The Glen Crest Leadership Award:  Michael Zima and Danielle Palmieri.
    The Good Citizenship Award:  Michael Zima and Danielle Palmieri.  The Spirit Award:  Lily Taylor and Emma Johnson. 
     The Gle Crest Middle School Kindness Award:  Ally Daca and Michael Zima.  The Principal’s Award:  Mitchell Berg, Grace Buckley, Hannah Christie, Mary Kate Cooke, Emily Gasparro, Samantha Hume, Natalie Kay, Gregory Kozlick, Emma Jones, Katharine Long, Carl Martin, Kaitlyn O’Keefe, Danielle Palmieri David Pechi, Cooper Reif, Dimitar Spasovski, Claire Thiese, Emily Weigand, and Alexander Zamsky.  The Principal’s Award for Three Years of Straight A’s:  Hannah Christie, Mary Kate Cooke, Gregory Kozlick, Katharine Long, Danielle Palmieri, Dimitar Spasovski and Claire Thiese. 


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